9-12 April 2019
Pavillion Hotel Kuala Lumpur Managed by Banyan Tree, Malaysia
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Multi Stream Conference

Stream One: Smart Growth & Inclusive Communities

In this stream, explore the “house owning democracy” concept and other new schemes to boost home ownership. Learn how to revitalise neighbourhoods through community integration to create conditions for better health and well-being, assess a city’s capacity to become models for quality-intensified housing developments and empower citizens and community organisations to demand design excellence in affordable housing projects. Also learn how to humanise high-rise public housing through communal spaces to foster social interactions, link affordable housing and transit oriented developments to enhance demand, increase viability of projects and create vibrant living environments.


Stream Two: Design, Materials & Technologies

In this stream, learn how to create structurally resilient designs by maximising the use of

prefabrication, streamline production operations using BIM to improve efficiency harvesting the benefits of economies of scale in executing large scale, multi-storeyed mass housing projects. Also, delve into new urban space typologies in the context of high-density, high-intensity residential urban environments and new methods of design and construction using the divergent dwelling design (D3) concept. We will also cover new innovations in high performance concrete, precast technologies and green energy solutions to power affordable housing communities.


Stream Three: Housing Finance & Innovative Models

In this stream, examine rent-to-own (RTO) schemes as a viable solution to home ownership, learn how to utilise data and analytics to better quantify risk and use bond aggregators to provide lower cost financing, as well as, boost expansion of affordable housing stock. Discover how to facilitate greater scale for low income housing finance markets to create an enabling macro environment, improve housing affordability and overcome constraints in the housing delivery chain. Identify opportunities to expand accessible and affordable financial services and leverage rental housing as a possible alternative to expand reach and facilitate service to currently unserved and underserved segments in the housing market.

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